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Why is fasting your pet before surgery so important?

‘Nil By Mouth’ is essential if an animal is undergoing general anaesthesia for spay and neuter surgery or any other procedure in which the animal is required to be unconscious or sedated. Not fasting your pet can be very dangerous!

1. Animals under anaesthesia are at risk of VOMITING.

2. When an animal vomits while unconscious or sedated, the vomit can cause the animal to aspirate (inhale) the food into the lungs. If food enters the lungs the pet is at risk of ASPIRATION PNEUMONIA which can be FATAL if not treated properly.

3. The normal fasting period is 6-8 hours before surgery, but CHECK WITH THE CLINIC. The clinic may allow a little water up to 3 hours before surgery, but again, CHECK WITH THE CLINIC.

4. Did you forget to fast your pet? DEFER OR RESCHEDULE THE SURGERY.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Share this post for awareness!

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