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Spot the signs of heatstroke before it's too late!

With India continuing to reel under heatwaves, the risk of heat stroke is increasing for street dogs and companion dogs. If not treated, heat stroke can lead to coma and death. Learn the symptoms and what action to take!

SYMPTOMS: Heavy panting Excessive drooling with thick ropey saliva Lethargy, staggering or collapse Vomiting or diarrhoea Increased body temperature above 40C Bright red tongue or gums Seizures Coma and death

TREATMENT: Move to a cool area immediately Wet your dog all over with cool (but not cold) water Apply a cool, wet towels to the head and chest Give small amounts of cool (but not cold) water to drink Take to the vet for a check-up as further treatment may be required such as fluid therapy

ALSO: Help street animals by placing waterbowls in your neighbourhood, and keeping them clean and filled!

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