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Animal Birth Control for street dogs

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


1. Overpopulation of unsterilised street dogs in an area results in aggression of male dogs during mating season, fights over territory, fighting over food, noise of dogs during the night, burden of continuous puppy-bearing on females leading to weakened state, and the deaths of countless puppies under vehicles, from disease, injury, and human action.

In addition, when the population of street dogs is not controlled humanely, people sometimes take it into their own hand to control the numbers, by poisonings and beatings.

2. What is the procedure?

Animals are caught in nets from their location and transported to a centre that performs the operation.

They are placed under general anaesthetic and their ears are notched with a V to indicate that they are sterilised. They are given an anti-rabies injection. Then the spay (females) or neuter (males) is performed, which is a small operation that usually takes between ten and thirty minutes.

The dogs recover consciousness and spend five days of post-operation care at the centre. They receive antibiotics and painkillers and their stitches are checked for healing.

After five days (and once healed) the dogs are transported back to their original locations and released.

3. How do I get my dogs sterilised?

Tails ‘n’ Trees sterilises street dogs within Magarpatta.

For other areas in Pune, we can recommend the following:

- Canine Control and Care in Bhugaon - dogs

- Animal Rescue Trust in Manjiri – dogs and cats

- Karma Foundation in Aundh – mainly cats but also some dogs

- Voice of Stray Dogs Pune - dogs in and around Viman Nagar

You will need to directly connect with them through their website and helpline numbers.

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