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5 Reasons NOT to buy a labrador puppy.

The movie 777 Charlie has prompted a surge in demand for labrador puppies according to news reports. But buying a labrador puppy is NOT DESIRABLE and here’s why:

1. Many puppies in India come from puppy mills or slum breeders, where the mothers are kept in cramped and unhygienic conditions and then abandoned once they get old. Pups from puppy factories are a high risk of carrying diseases such as parvo or distemper, or separated too early from their mothers. Don’t support breeders – adopt instead.

2. Labrador puppies will live around 13 years, that’s a huge commitment! Are you sure that in 13 years you are not going to change your mind due to moving house, starting a family, moving country? Animal rescuers are seeing a huge increase in dogs including labradors getting dumped after just a year or two. Not all of these get adopted and some will languish in a cage.

3. Labradors can carry several genetic diseases due to inbreeding. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, heart problems, and cancer. These can add up to costly vet bills!

4. Labradors are absolutely prone to obesity and the conditions that come with obesity such as diabetes and joint problems. Many people overfeed and under-exercise labs and this can amount to animal cruelty.

5. Labradors are working dogs. They were originally bred for sport (hunting and retrieving). Labradors need a high quantity of off-leash exercise including running, swimming and retrieving, at least 45 minutes twice per day. Labs who don’t get enough exercise are likely to be hyperactive and/or destructive to release pent-up energy. Bored and frustrated labradors love to chew things!

Still want a labrador? ADOPT ONE INSTEAD! Contact a local animal rescue NGO or shelter or search Facebook adoption groups in your area. They are bound to have a selection of abandoned labradors for adoption, of different age, sex and colour.

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