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4 steps for small wound care!

1. Restrain and muzzle the dog and wear disposable gloves.

2. Clean the wound thoroughly with cotton wool soaked in antiseptic fluid such as Povidone Iodine available from your neighborhood chemist shops under brand names: Betadine, Cipladine, Wokadine etc.

3. Apply antibacterial cream or powder such as Scavon, or Neosporin powder, or you can use veterinary powders with wound healing and maggoticidal properties such as Gotbac powder or Negasunt powder that can be directly dusted on dog's open wound.

OPTIONAL - You can mix in Placentrex wound healing gel to speed up wound healing.

4. Spray or apply ointment around the wound to keep flies away and prevent flies from sitting and laying eggs on the wound site, such as Himax ointment or Topicure spray.

The wound dressing must be carried out daily until the wound heals (five days or so). If the wound is larger or not healing the dog may need oral antibiotics, for which you must consult a vet!

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