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Changes at Tails 'N' Trees

July 1, 2021

Tails 'N' Trees trust currently operates in and around Magarpatta, Pune.

Tails 'N' Trees is lead by Trustees Sandhya Tewari and Col. Rohit Tewari in Magarpatta, Pune.

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An Interview with Tails 'N' Trees

March 30, 2021

For Sandhya and her husband, Rohit Tewari, the journey from being animal lovers to running an NGO that acts as a network for animal welfare, throughout the city of Pune started with the simple thought of just doing what they could, with what they had. While admittedly, they’ve been guilty of flaunting their pedigree pets; retirement and proximity to stray animals sensitized them to the gaps in the area of animal welfare, and what they could do to help.

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An interview with Sandhya Tewari for

55-Year-old Sandhya Tewari works as an animal activist and talks about her unconditional love for animals and the joy of having them in your life. She is one of the founders of Pune based NGO Tails ‘N’ Trees that works for animal welfare.

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