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How to Help

You Can Make a Difference to the Lives of Indian Street Animals


Become a Volunteer

Help improve the lives of street animals and care for the environment

Help street animals in your locality by ensuring they are sterilised and vaccinated, provide a water bowl for animals and birds, learn basic first aid techniques including parasite control and wound cleaning, and feed your local animals if necessary.
If you would like to join our local Magarpatta animal rescue Whatsapp group please email with your details.

Make a Monetary Donation

Large or small, every rupee counts

Even a small amount goes a long way. We are run by volunteers and don't have admin or staff costs. Your donation goes directly to help street animals including food, veterinary care, medicines, hospital or shelter fees, transport by ambulance.

Image by Micheile Henderson

Donate in Kind

We are always in need of dog food, first aid supplies, and medicines.

Contact us if you would prefer to donate in kind than with a monetary donation.

How To Help: Get Involved
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