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Street Animal Rescue

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On-site Treatment

Small wounds, parasites, skin infections, vaccinations, de-worming and other small procedures can all be carried out on-site on the street where the animal lives.
This saves scarce funds, time, and resources for more critical cases. It is also less stressful for the animal, and means that shelters do not get filled up with animals that can be treated on the street. Our volunteers have provided first aid and medication for hundreds of animals on-site around Magarpatta.
We require funding for medicines and first aid supplies to treat animals on-site.


Rescue and Rehabilitation

Tails 'N' Trees does not have its own shelter or veterinary clinic. We use the city's existing infrastructure to rescue and treat street animals in and around Magarpatta, Pune.

This includes a network of volunteers, veterinary clinics, ambulance services, boarding kennels, shelters and foster homes. 
We require funding for veterinary treatment, surgery, medicines, first aid supplies, animal transport, and kennel or shelter fees.


Fostering and Adoption

We always have several puppies and adult dogs in foster homes waiting to find loving homes for life.
We require funding for the boarding kennel or foster fees for these animals while they wait to find their forever home.

Street Animal Rescue: Programs
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