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Welcome to Tails 'N' Trees

We believe that humans, street animals, and wildlife should be able to live in harmony in our cities. We want cleaner, greener, kinder habitats for all.

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Tails 'N' Trees is a Registered Charitable Trust located in the city of Pune, India. Our areas of focus are street animal rescue and environmental protection, around Magarpatta and Hadapsar.

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Dog run over by vehicle late at night, rescued

Bholu was hit by a vehicle late at night two days ago in Hadapsar. A car went right over him. Luckily a passerby took pity on him and contacted Tails 'N' Trees. Bholu was given first aid on-site and then we moved him quickly to Universal Animal Welfare Society hospital at Wadki.

Rescued Indian street dog

Paralysed dog rescued from wasteground and cared for

Poor Moti was found dragging his body over sharp stones.
He had evidently been hit by a vehicle and was struggling to survive. Tails 'N' Trees rescued him and we are caring for him in a paid shelter. Moti is currently paralysed, and may never walk again, but he is being loved and cared regardless or whether he will ever get up again or not.


Dog with possible stab wound, rescued and treated

Joey is the friendliest young boy you could meet. He is a community dog in Magarpatta City, and and a favourite with all the children due to his friendly and playful nature.
But Joey may have been attacked by a miscreant as he has sustained a wound that resembles a stab wound.
Joey has received veterinary care and is currently recovering in a foster home.


Dog with head and neck eaten away by maggots, rescued

A dog had been spotted running around like crazy with a huge black and stinking wound on his head and neck, due to a large maggot wound.
Dozens of maggot were falling from his body as he ran. After much effort, Tails 'N' Trees voluteers managed to catch him and "Aparajit" is on the road to recovery now.


WhatsApp Image 2021-10-03 at 8.28_edited.jpg

Jaundiced dog saved from jaws of death

Minty was found in a comatose state, barely breathing and her eyes were a deadly yellow. She was hanging on to life by a

thread, that could snap at any moment. But we don’t give up on dogs just because the chance of survival is small, because dogs on the verge of death sometimes surprise everyone and bounce back! Tails 'N' Trees rescued Misty and she is recovering.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-24 at 2.22.06 PM.jpeg

Rescue of unconscious and hypothermic puppy

Little Choti was found unconscious and on the brink of death from hypothermia. Her cold little body was crawling with fleas and she had a bad wound on her stomach. The situation looked very grave. Tails 'N' Trees rescued her and quickly warmed her up, and she was rehydrated with IV fluids and antibiotics.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-15 at 8.49.44 AM.jpeg

Rescue of dog with eye eaten away by hundreds of maggots


Poor Tiger got hurt in his eye! Unable to reach his eye to lick it, flies settled on the wound and soon maggots began eating away his eyeball. Tiger has completely lost his right eye and the wound is deep and infected.
We had to remove dozens of maggots from his eyeball, which he let us do without putting up a fight.



Street dog beaten with pole, breaks leg, rescued

Goldie is one of the most docile street dogs we’ve ever met and no threat to anyone, and yet even she has become the victim of human cruelty! We found her limping with a badly swollen leg in Magarpatta – which on examination at the veterinary clinic turned out to be a bad fracture. The nature of the break looks to be the result of a clean hit with a stick or pole.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-01 at 7.13.41 PM.jpg

Skin and bones dog found collapsed on building site

We got news of a sick dog stuck on the 13th floor of a construction site in Hadapsar. The dog had been lying there for two days without water or food. Golu's body temperature was low, he was severely dehydrated and emaciated. Golu was treated on-site and then taken to the vet.

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